Chewing vs snorting adderall beads

So snorting the ones with beads is definatly out and general consensus is that even snorting IR is more wastefull than crushed and . Snorting adderall vs swallowing it. .


This is done by removing the amphetamine-containing beads from the capsule and crushing them to destroy the mechanism that causes the extended . Snorting Adderall XR. .

I acquired a bunch of adderall xr 20mg. Now I'd prefer to snort these bastards. I've tried opening them up and

Chewing vs snorting adderall beads

chewing up the beads with some success, .


chewing adderall will only result in slightly faster come up of effects. ex. 20 minutes instead of 30. the peak will take . What happens if you snort adderall? .

Snorting adderall IR can be fun and ritualistic, . i never have but my friend opened them and ate the beads. he said its mroe intense. 06-03-2009 .

I hate snorting adderall for a . snorting or chewing. not working either. any . I blew 45mgs of Adderall XR. Crushed up the beads into fine powder and .

I went over to surprise him one day and walked in his room and he was snorting a fine white powder and I . he is wasting his medication. the beads .

carefully dump the beads Chewing vs snorting adderall beads in the center and fold it back up. . Chewing vs snorting adderall beads In all seriousness though, snorting Adderall not only screws with your brain chemistry, .

What is the best way to break the extended release equation of Adderall XR? (I usually dump the beads in . vs instant powder inside? snorting would . by chewing it. However it will .


I would snort 2-3 20mg adderall every 3-4 hours. . Im not quite sure but i know that chewing a patch is the most yuk and trippiest thing-not recommended at all!!

The ADDERALL XR � capsule contains two types of drug-containing beads designed to give a double-pulsed . ADDERALL XR � is indicated for
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