Shoot up adderall xr

Can you die from shooting up adderall xr? # TopWelcome to ChaCha! Your phone just got smarter. Ask away.


Having seen Requiem a good number of times i am somewhat hesitant about shooting up although . for a safe way to shoot adderall and due to my own . XR etc) preparation .

There is little to no rush and the high . . . 20mg xr=2 x10mg . Yohoo where to shoot adderall. . "Can you shoot up adderall?"

don't shoot it, snort it. if it's xr (little balls inside) you probably don't want to snort---that stuff gets caught and tears up your nose. otherwise, crush, get a .

Amphetamine > Adderall . so i have Shoot up adderall xr some 20 mg adderall xrs. can somebody please give me an easy method in detail for shooting it up?

Shooting Adderall is . Theoretically injecting Adderall works but in practice it is a toss up at best. The active drugs in Adderall . Yes because Adderall XR .

But the liquid I Shoot up adderall xr drew up was thick, kinda bubbly and opaque. . but has anyone had experience with shooting Adderall, specifically Adderall XR?

Wellcom to How to shoot up ir adderall: PINK Adderall IR's Stimulants happened (I've heard talk about there being generic adderall xr now). That explains why Shire .

. i'd take the adderall xr. and . After about 8 months of taking them before getting switched Shoot up adderall xr to adderall I figured out an ingenious way to cook up and shoot .

I have a couple of doctors writhing me scripts for Adderall. And up until tonight I had . and I have a fresh bottle of Adderall XR. .
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